Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So close now.............

Christmas is just around the corner. I cant believe how fast the time flew by! It’s been busy at the store this week and will probably get busier once people realize they are running out of time.

Snowman Poop, our December candle of the month has been a huge hit. Tom is very proud of his creation! If you haven’t tried it yet, its 25% off until the end of Dec.

We have been working on some new scent and will be featuring them as the next 3 candles of the Month.

Don’t forget we have three $20 gift certificates to be won in our December Giveaway. If you haven’t entered yet, go enter! Just ask the three winners from last month how easy it was!!

And in case you were wondering, the next display window plan is pretty much all set. Which is always a good thing!

Better get back to work now.. lots to do!!


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