Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fly Butterfly, Fly...

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown

I started typing and got interrupted by the phone and lost my train of though… Drats…. Its not like I had tons to say today, at least I don’t think I did! LOL

In case you care, I am enjoying my Acai breakfast smoothie from re-Juice-a-Nation. They are right over on Main Street in Manasquan. So next time you come visit me, you should stop over there and get a smoothie. They have great soups too…

Today is the last day to save with our candle Buy 1 get 1 50% off sale, and also the last day to enter the April gift certificate giveaway. We pick the winners tomorrow. So if you want a chance to win, go enter!

You better sit down for this… I actually got the window done last Saturday, and ahead of schedule! It’s a butterfly garden theme compete with gnomes. And June’s window is underway in my head, and its coming together nicely.

I almost forgot! We will be making a cool announcement shortly about our new line we just brought in to the store! Stay tuned!!

Gotta make this quick today, wax is being delivered this morning and I have to make some room for it!


Friday, April 17, 2009

From the Candle Kitchen...

I have been creating away in my candle Kitchen, working on those new cupcakes that I have been mentioning. The red velvet cupcakes came out ok, I think the next batch will be better. I tried out the carnival cupcakes and they turned into psycho circus cupcakes. Don’t ask! And then today I attempted the black & white cupcakes. These came out awesome! I’m very pleased, they look just like the black and white cookies and they smell delicious! Ya win some, ya lose some... So all I have left to make now is the real carnival cupcakes and the raspberry lemonade cupcakes. I know you want to see them, so here is a few photos.

Photo 1 is Red Velvet Cupcakes, Photo 2 is Psycho Circus Cupcakes, Photo 3 is Black & White Cupcakes.

The store has been pretty busy this week and I have been making all sorts of favors as well. Sure keeping me hopping! And I’m getting a bunch of stuff ready to bring with me to the Lakewood Chamber Staff Appreciation Lunch next Tuesday. They let me set up a table and hock my wares so to speak. Its really fun, I did it last year for the first time.
I’m in a bit of a panic about how to make big flowers for the window for May. I have everything else just no big flowers. I'm going to have to do a Google search for some ideas because I'm running out of time! Any suggestions just pass them along!!