Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Watch out for April 1st, Don’t be a fool!

Over the years I have come up with quite a few good April fools day pranks. These days my brain is just way too packed with other things to try and play tricks on anyone. I spent yesterday morning switching out the display window. It actually came out better than I had expected it to. I'm pleased with it.. for now anyway…. Before I start stressing about the May window! UGH So do you wanna see it???

Remember I make better candles than I take pictures, and these have quite a glare on them. Sorry! You can always come by the store for a better look!

My friend Michele from Life, Lightly Salted stopped by on Sunday with the most delicious cupcakes ever!
Raspberry Lemonade Cucpakes.. mmmmmmmmmmm I stole her picture so you can see them but if you want the recipe you have to go visit her site www.LifelightlySalted.com for it! I must say, she is a pretty darn good cook! Everything she makes for me is awesome.

Anyway, we are working together on some new yummy smelling cupcake candles, along with the delicious recipes for the real thing. I already have 3 new cupcakes in development and now with the addition of the raspberry lemonade cupcake that makes 4. I finally finished my first batch of the Red Velvet Cupcakes. Not bad for my first try. The pics came out bad so I have to retake them. So you will just have to wait to see them until next time!

Hubby and I are also very excited about a new product line that we will be bringing into the store… we aren’t ready to spill the beans, just yet though. (hint, hint) But we will be making the announcement soon.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Soap & Cupcakes...

Got home from the store today to find some goodies that I bought from Pixie Soap. I found them last Saturday while looking for their Saturday night secret on Etsy. I couldn’t find their secret but I found some soap I liked a pumpkin soap and an Oat’s gone wild soap.

For those who don’t know, I have a very serious soap addiction! I have a stock pile of handmade soap bars. I cant help myself! I know I needed two more bars of soap like I need a hole in my head, but I just had to do it! They smell so good I cant wait to use them. I also got a vanilla chap stick. Another one of my addictions, but I will save that for another day!

Surprisingly enough, I’m not in a panic over the window for April. I pretty much have it all down and ready to go maybe this weekend or Monday. Sooner the better because I’m sick of looking at the gigantic rainbow! One of my goals this week was to create 3 new cupcake candles. I know what they are going to be but I haven’t had any extra time to whip them up. I have the bases for the Red Velvet Cupcakes ready, I just need to make the tops now. So that goals getting moved to next week! Ugh! I think I might need to pick one more red velvet cupcake over at my favorite Cameo Bakery on Rt. 71 for inspiration. Ok, perhaps that’s just an excuse to get the cupcake so I can eat it. I have eaten 3 already, but hey its research right? RIGHT??

See the yummy pic of what a real one looks like, well that's what I'm trying to duplicate, but with wax....

Well im off to relax now. I just wanted to check in with a post since it has been a little bit since the last one.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

There really is a pot of gold at the end of my rainbow...

Ahhhhh if only it were real.

Yes, as promised here is photo of the window. Not much to look at though. It’s a big giant rainbow complete with a big pot of gold at the end. Im still cleaning up glitter! Ugh!

I have some ideas for the April window already, so that’s a start. You would think that after 2 years of doing this window I would get good at it! Fat Chance!

Congratulations to our 3 $20 gift certificate winners in our Feb. giveaway.
Cindy Berg, New Mexico
Latisha DePoortere, Wisconsin
Val Pearson, South Carolina

Be sure to enter our March Giveaway for your chance at a $20 Gift Certificate to our store! In case you are new, we give away a $20 gift certificate each and every month. And lately we have been giving away 3 of them!

Our March scent of the month “Lighthouse” has been a huge hit! This is a brand new scent and its growing in popularity quickly! I can’t make it fast enough! And I finally have my bright yellow candle like I always wanted. No, lemonade stand doesn’t count because that’s a seasonal scent. I expect Lighthouse to be a hit year round like Summer at the Shore and Surfs Up!

Well, back to work for me!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Celebrate with us!

In honor of the 2 year Anniversary of the Things That Make Scents retail store we are having a special sale. So from now until Sunday March 8th you can enjoy 30% off your next purchase.** Even Candle of the Month will be 30% off during that time.

Retail store shoppers, just bring in the coupon below to ensure you get your discount! Online shoppers use coupon code: 2YEAR30 at check out.

**Cannot be combined with any other sale or promotion. Cannot be used on candle of the month club, bargain bin, consignment or wholesale merchandise.

Offer exp. 3/8/09


Don't ask about the window just yet. Its changed, but I think it needs some more work before pictures are taken... I will keep you posted!