Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Start of Something Wonderful...

Or, so I can only hope!

Gotta get a blog! You MUST have a blog! Do you blog? Are you a blogger? That's all I hear lately. I'm a candle maker, not a blogger! Or so I thought! Because alas, I do have a blog, and as soon and I hit the publish post button on this baby, POOF! I am a blogger too!

So I have jumped in head first. As I have mentioned in the past, I am about as exciting as watching paint dry, but you have to give me credit for trying, right? I'm mean after all, instead of blogging, what I should be doing is trying to think of what I am going to do for the store display window after the Halloween stuff comes out. I have about 3 weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving that I need to fill since I cant put Christmas stuff in there Nov. 1st. Can I? If only!

We have been crazy busy getting all the Holidays scents done so they can get out onto the shelves. Who has time to design a display window? Any volunteers out there, just give me a call!

I will try to keep this as exciting as I can and post often, so please stop back and check it out.
You may even find a secret blog only discount or special or maybe even a contest.

Oh and pleaase feel free to comment all you want! They do have to get approved by us first just to keep the spam out but we will publish all your comments.



Sue said...

Congratulations on your new blog! I'm following you :)

Soylady said...

Thank you!!