Friday, January 16, 2009

In the Window We Can Build a Snowman

And that’s exactly what I did. Ok maybe I didn’t exactly build them, but I did drive them over in my car and gently place them in the window. So that kinda counts, right??

Luckily I came across this adorable snowman family that needed a home, and they were a perfect fit for my January window display… However, they were a little upset about the “Snowman Poop” candle. They didn’t think it was funny at all.
Those snowmen just have no sense of humor! Sheesh!

Here some pics of the cute little guys…

Sorry, i'm a better candlemake that picture taker... but at least you can sort of see them.

I will end with a short little story. The other day I was up at the counter ringing up a customer. We were chatting a bit, and I look out the window and see this lady standing up against my display window and a guy was taking her picture. Tourists?? Maybe… but its cool to know that my snowman window will be part of someone else’s scrapbook too, besides my own that is!

Time to make the candles...


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